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Generation 6


CINCO is a Quality Risk Management and Knowledge Management software that helps Life Sciences industries track, manage and archive process and operational risks to product quality and patient safety.


An IoT platform that helps you acquire and qualify leads. We Detect, Connect and Engage people in real life spaces.


Affordable and scalable online English language proficiency testing for companies, universities, schools and individuals.


Elegir seguro is an online platform that assists every business owner in the process of buying, managing and understanding all their commercial insurance policies.


EnvioPack allows Ecommerce sellers to ship with more than 30 courriers. Our easy to use platform and great customer support, betters customer expirience.


LatAm onnline invoice discounting marketplace that helps SMEs obtain liquidity from their commercial receivables.


Hackmetrix allows companies to check the risk of being hacked, allowing them to reduce security breaches, which results in revenue growth.


Hometuls is a B2B marketplace that facilitates the interaction between buyers and selleprs from the construction industry.


Isleñas is a footwear brand manufactured with ethical practices in Puerto Rico. Offering fashion forward comfort at a direct to consumer price.

OGMA Language Studio

At OGMA Language Studio, we have the technological know-how and linguistic expertise to provide more options for business language needs –faster, more accurately, and in tune with today’s global market.

Organic Power

Organic waste recycling and renewable energy company with established cusomers and long-term contacts. Plans to construct additional facilites within Puerto Rico and other Caribean locations.

Pinta Gelato

We manufacture high end gelato for latinos. No stores, just pints and novelty products. Authentic latino gelato flavors. We also make vegan/dairyfree/plantbased/nondairy etc gelato.

Processim Labs

Processim Labs is transforming smartphones into pocket simulators that college professors use as powerful and convenient teaching tools.


"Savor is the most delicious way to end plastic. With patented technology and design, Savor manufacturers and sells edible cutlery to restaurants and cafés, eliminating plastic pollution and growing their revenues at once.

Unicorn Games

SaaS platform that helps Toy Makers and Brand Managers enhance their physical consumer products with digital features, using AR and mobile Apps.


Uva! is a food delivery platform that connects hungry customers to restaurants. It allows customers to order food easily to their location through a mobile app or website, while creating a new sales channel for restaurants so that they can expand their reach.


Sales Logistics Automation Platform, to give visibility of the activities and performance of the Sales Staff, finding which are the Key Behaviour Indicators to achieve the best performance.

Generation 5

Adventure Bucket List

ABL helps governments get attribution for their $400B/year spend while bringing local experiences online for travelers to purchase. ABL is raising funds to expand in 15 different countries with expected $7.5M ARR within the next 12 months.


Banquetealo is an online catering platform that connects businesspeople with reliable local caterers and restaurants. We make it is simple to order food online for your office. From routine office lunches to offsite client meetings, from small to big orders, we have a solution for you.


Our app enhances book discovery by giving users the best recommendations based on their preferences. Users can also connect with other readers to share their interests and discuss books.

Caban Systems

Caban Systems designs and manufactures renewable energy generation and lithium ion storage systems to provide users with reliable primary or back-up power. We seek to eliminate the industries diesel dependence.

Dame Un Bite

Dame Un Bite is an online food ordering company that connects diners with restaurants by coordinating the delivery of their order.


Debmedia has a B2B software solution for enterprises to manage Customer Experience in the brick-and-mortar, focusing on optimizing queues and waits, personalizing every touchpoint and providing actionable branch metrics.

Elemetrica LLC

Elemetrica is a real time business analytics tool for SMB's. For the resuarant business we offer our Waiter Optimization module with actionable insights.


ESNU uses Puerto Rican ingredients to create suncare products developed to withstand adventure and respect the environment.


We are an entertainment platform for sports fans that combines predictions, social and gamification.


Gopanza provides a white labeled SaaS E-Commerce platform for grocers of any size who want to grow in the convenience economy. We democratize convenience by providing consumers with many payment options such as credit, debit, and EBT.


Guilty is a clothing rental subscription service for women who want a convenient, easy, and affordable to way to experience fashion.


HiveCube is a modular housing company that focuses on manufacturing creative, affordable hurricane resistant homes.


Knowdex is a online legal platform that makes it easier to study and work with legal content in Puerto Rico. Our services include a bar exam prep course and the first legal digital library in Puerto Rico.


Libros787 is an online bookstore that focuses on Latin American literature; connecting local authors & publishers with the US Hispanic market.


LiliWeds makes your weddding look as special as it feels with personalized stationary and signage that matches your wedding look and feel.


Listopro helps companies hire the best vetted talents for sales positions, in only few days. Our platform uses AI to categorise user data, then applies tests/interviews to get more granularity and match them with the best opportunities.

Molcajete Foods

Molcajete Foods is a food manufacturer for corn tortillas and tortilla chips under the brand of "Doña Lola". We believe in making food simple, tasteful and with love.

Monito Media

Monito is a subscription software that immediately notifies clients when their brand or issues are mentioned in radio, TV, digital, & print news.


MyStrengthBook is a web and mobile app that allows strength and conditioning coaches to manage their athletes training.


OdFlex is a B2B Cargo Transportation Network focused on innovating how businesses deliver.


Pediidos allows small restaurants, cafe's and hotel owners, to streamline their ordering process, through a one-stop marketplace.

PRatian LLC

Biodegradables speheres that reduce water/ nutrients consumption in crops.


PRoduce! is a virtual marketplace for local producers and buyers. We offer PRoduce! Home Box as an alternative for individuals to receive fresh, local produce weekly or bi-weekly in their homes.

Rendy is a platform where creators, manufacturers and 3D artists can optimize and develop their 3D content. Our automated optimization pipeline lets users share their 3D content on a myriad of devices, mobile paltforms and social media.

RistCall LLC

RistCall helps hospitals and nursing homes in improving nursing workflow using smart watches so happy and efficient nurses can do better job at bedside improving patient safety and experience outcomes.


Sindyk helps media companies increase revenue by optimizing the mobile traffic and the advertisement, increasing the loading speed and google page speed index (better SEO), reducing up to 40% the bounce rate and improving the pages consumed by user and time spent of site, basically happier users, and more ads.


Spotin is an adventure travel marketplace that allows its users to discover and book unique adventure experiences with local guides.

Survey Kiwi

Survey Kiwi lets you build beautiful and professionally designed mobile-ready surveys in minutes and with an average completion rate of 83% vs 15% industry average.


Vozy is a voice communication platform that helps businesses and customers to engage in productive conversations.

Generation 4

Ark Paradigm

Ark Paradigm is regulatory intelligence service for those who need to report financial material free of errors and omissions.

Atlas Wearables

Atlas helps fitness enthusiasts find, monitor, and accelerate their fitness journey.


Podcast and audiobook publishing and monetisation


Automated back office for small business: Accounting and legal services with a full end-to-end solution (cloud platform + accountant and lawyer).

Bonjour Ana

Bonjour Ana is your personal assistant for your home and everyday needs.


Our automated receptionist helps medical offices do less clerical repetitive work and attract more patients using artificial intelligence.


Price comparison for medicines and competitive price analysis for retailers and brands.


Digital platform based on AR techonology that allow users, brands, media and agencies to discover and create digital content in objetcs and images of the real world.

CloudBoost let's you build any kind of an app in less than an hour.


At CuidaMiMascota we bring together pet owners with trusted pet-sitters who offer cage-free care, safer and more economical than a kennel.


Our Platform communicates the Patients with our Pharmacies so that they can receive their services and products without having to visit them personally.


EVoting ofers a remote electronic voting solution through the Internet, increasing electoral participation in a secure, highly available, and voter-friendly web platform used by unions, municipalities, governments, and other associations.


EXCITED is the first gay brand in LatAm, bringing the products that we really love and making gay men feel good about themselves. We are starting with an ecommerce model selling underwear, adult toys and beauty in Mexico and Chile.


Short-Term rental and property management company.


Easy international massive payments. Make a thousand transfers in 5 minutes.


Chatbots to atuomate airline customer service & ancillary sales.


Online agronomist - helps transform micro-climatological data into actionable advice, allowing fruit and vegetable growers to maximise ROI of production. We provide patent-pending hardware 7x cheaper than competitors and business intelligence software.

Omnia Workforce Management

Omnia help companies reduce costs by optimizing work schedules, measuring productivity, tracking absenteeism and generating data for payroll automatically. We combine Employee Scheduling, Performance Management, HR Administration & Analytics in a single platform.


Parknet develops both the hardware and software components of our unique IOT access control system that provides access to restricted areas using smartphone or any identity verifi cation mechanism.

re:3D Inc

At re:3D we're working to modify Gigabot - the world’s largest, affordable, industrial 3D printer- to 3D print from reclaimed plastic trash in order to increase employment opportunties & reduce dependence on imported goods in PR and beayond.

Señor Paleta

Crafting delicious and natural artisan gelato and sorbet paletas is our passion. Our process guarantees a high level of quality and operational excellence, and we delight our clients with refreshing and fun Puerto Rican flavors!


The first digital platform where you can search, book and pay musicians in one place.


TextualMind is an automated internal auditor, reviewing a life sciences company's policies, procedures and quality records against FDA regulations. We identify and prioritize risks proactively, before they become costly regulatory compliance challenges.


WeClub lets businesses create their own customer club and build strong connections with every single customer to increase loyalty, visits and sales.


Wisboo is like Shopify for Education. A fully-hosted SaaS elearning solution that empowers Educators and Institutions to start or grow an Online Education Business by allowing them to easily create and manage their own, self-branded Online Academies.


AI app and dashboards to study vehicle driving patterns focusing on risky driving and fuel consumption.


Workep is the most powerful project management platform for G Suite that integrates and automates the entire suite into a collaborative platform.


Yuvod is a video on demand platform that offers users long-tail content and consumer data providers with which to increase their turnover and make better decisions in the future.

Generation 3


360Deportes.TV is lowering the cost of live sports coverage by having completely remote production.

Bien Cool

Bien Cool is a brand that designs unique and daring Greeting Cards, Stationery and Apparel that transmits the message in the way most Millennials speak and communicate.

Bowery Real Estate Systems

The first ever tech-enabled commercial appraisal firm.


Chui AI is a suite of APIs offering deep learning powered solutions, through Facial Recognition


Claimbot is the first, purpose-built Chatbot platform for Insurance. Our solution drives loyalty by transforming the way carriers interact with their customers. Claimbot delivers delightful, cost-efficient customer experience when it matters most.


Cleancult makes green cleaners that don't suck. By delivering direct to consumer via our website,, we're creating the digital green cleaning brand for the millennial generation.


Mobile commerce platform for customer retention

Compra Fresca is a home grocery delivery concept that offers consumers the ability to receive products and services from local retailers through digital purchasing channels focusing on giving exceptional customer service.


Ctzen is a platform functioning as a bridge between governments and citizens, making customer service, data collection, analysis, workflow routing, task prioritization, problem resolution, and communication both faster and easier.

Entrenarme is the largest global personal trainers marketplace.


Fletch helps colleges improve student retention by increasing support service usage among undergraduates that our technology has identified as developing patterns of absenteeism.


Flimper is a social media marketing tool that increase 3X your campaign´s reach, 2X the results on money invested, and makes users ❤ you more. With Flimper you can create scalable and personalized one-on-one experiences with your custom audience.


Online fresh seafood sales, artisanal fisher focus with collaborative purchases and verified video and gps traceability from boat to plate. Frescapesca exploits LatinAmerican supply chain inefficiencies to connect millions of artisanal fishers with B2B and B2C consumers.

Global Flavors

Take an experience, not a tour. Global Flavors connects people with a city's local food and drink, history and culture in various, curated experiences. Take a break from being a tourist.


GroundBreaker helps real estate developers, owner operators, private equity firms and hard money lenders grow their business by providing a branded software platform that streamlines fundraising and investor management activities.

Hoy Pido

HoyPido is 1-click solution for companies to offer paid-lunch as a benefit to their teams. We include software, logistics, payment processing, menu, nutritional information, and of course food!


Inka is a marketing platform that empowers companies to create and distribute custom branded items to their fans and customers automatically, without having to deal with inventory themselves.


Lunchera is a fully integrated food delivery system that connects restaurants, customers, and a delivery driver fleet powered by our logistics solution and proprietary algorithms, more efficient that GrubHub-Seamless.


MakersValley is an online B2B service platform that aims to democratize the manufacturing industry by making manufacturers accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere. MakersValley connects apparel manufacturers with fashion designers worldwide.


Nausdream is the platform for the booking of amazing boat experiences! On the website you will find activities such as sunset cruises, unique day excursions, fishing trips or tailor-made events.


Outsite offers a network of unique coliving/coworking spaces in beautiful places. Outsite aims to create a movement around the new nomadic lifestyle.

Pick My Stuff

Technology company that matches reliable, efficient, licensed and insured, independent carriers for same day delivery service at affordable prices. One company, any type of merchandise, we deliver.


Quiena is the simplest, most personalized, and most accessible investment tool for retail investors in LATAM.


Remidi is revolutionizing the way that people interact with creative contents. Our wearable devices allow users to physically merge with music, VR-AR, video-games and other media.


SoyMacho has innovated the way men buy grooming products, utilising a simple e- commerce platform we provide them with a selection of products and information on how to use them.


Transparent's mission is to provide data to help the short term property rental industry grow in a profitable, efficient and legal way. For that they have built the authoritative data source for the growing alternative accommodation markets.


Tullpi is a collection of apps that teaches children from creativity to math where they play beyond the screen using physical objets as they were didactic toys that control the digital game. Transforming the way children interact with technology.


Umbo brings the missing visuals to the home assistant industry with automatically displayed content in the walls of your home and gesture control for easy navigation.


The first & only marketplace for live shows, connecting promoters with the crowd in a controlled risk investment environment.


Yaydoo is the office management platform that simplifies company expenses, automates procurement and manages vendors.


ZipDatum is a geospatial platform that verifies addresses from emerging markets to help businesses improve their connection to an estimated 4 billion customers worldwide who lack standard addressing information.

Generation 2

Abartys Health

Health technology company that has created a centralized system that the three major components of healthcare - patients, providers, and payers – use to streamline services, communication, and treatments.


AkibaH harnesses the power of mobile health technology and data science to give people the knowledge and recommended actions to live longer and healthier lives.


Caila creates personalized learning pathways for employees to advance at companies, saving time and money for organizations looking to retain and grow their talent.


Aseguratec is a licensed insurance agency that provides an online insurance marketplace where customers can compare and purchase products from different carriers, saving them and other agents time and money.

Be Better Hotels

We help independent hoteliers to strengthen their competitive position in the digital age of the travel industry, with a set of cloud-based tools to manage online marketing, reservations and operations.

Brands Of

We are developing the largest catalog of Latam brands to serve the US Hispanic market.

Ecom Experts

Ecom Experts is an online inventory and fulfillment optimization platform. By connecting to the main Ecommerce marketplaces and services in the Latin American Ecosystem, we give retailers a way to scale their Ecommerce operations.


Everwaters democratizes clean water. We design water filters with locally-made parts using mobile banking to sell via e-commerce and direct-to-home in emerging markets starting in Kenya.


Guarnic is the first online physical security operations platform. We make people safe by allowing security guards to be effective through mobile technologies and real-time data.


InstaFit is the leading online fitness and nutrition platform in Latam. It offers monthly subscriptions to its mobile and web apps that are helping thousands of Latin Americans get healthy.


Get inspired and buy looks of local and international trendsetters. Choose the look you love, zoom the product and find similar products ready to buy online.


Mencanta is a fashion e-commerce which goal is “flood the streets with smiles” through their designs. Mencanta brand includes clothing for women, kids and babies with positive messages to spread good vibes.

Morton & Bedford

Making it easy for guys to look their best by providing style advice and custom-made clothing.


A digital solution that integrates quality of life programs, including health monitoring, diseases risk calculation and habit-change engagement, with health insurance data analysis.


PowerSiesta is an ultra-light, compact and easy-to-use napper that is ergonomic and eco-friendly. Folds flat for storage, pops up in seconds, and fits anywhere you'd carry a magazine for a better way to travel.


Pycno provides professional yet cheap and easy to use wireless sensors targeted for agriculture that plug into the soil and provide users with critical information of its surroundings in real time from anywhere in the world.

Quotanda LLC

Quotanda is a lending as a service (LaaS) platform that enables organizations (schools, lenders, foundations and government agencies) to set up student financing programs to make education more affordable.


Drone development technology company and provider of aerial imaging solutions for precision agriculture.


The 1st B2B immersive solution for co-viewing TV and OTT together with your friends via face to face video. Sceenic provides the Watch Together software to broadcasters, cable operators, music and media companies in order to increase their audience engagement.

Stark Controls

Stark Controls serves the overlooked small to medium sized business market, providing automation controls these businesses can afford.

TeliportMe Inc

Mapping Visual geotagged data of the world by enabling our community of 10M users to publish 360 content and businesses that pay to use our API for publishing VR content.

Tem Açúcar?

Tem Açúcar? (In English: Do you have sugar?) is a platform that connects neighbors to share objects. You can save money, be more sustainable and create collaborative neighborhoods.


Timokids is an edutainment, multi-language app that helps parents and teachers, through stories and games, to talk to kids about important issues that they have to face during their growth.

Turbulent Hydro

The most profitable micro hydro power plant inspired by nature, and delivers clean and decentralized energy to everyone at a low cost, without harming local environment.


UXCam let companies easily record, replay and analyze exactly what users are doing when using the app. Hundreds of app using UXCam with revenue growth 20% month over month.

Wholesale In a Box

Wholesale In a Box is an all-in-one system for makers, artists and designers that makes it easier to introduce your work to brick and mortar stores and cultivate reorders.


SaaS platform that allows retailers in Latin America to retain customers using automated marketing tools and AI to predict purchases.

Generation 1


Platform for Workforce Management and Visibility. Know where your field teams are, see what they are doing and create scorecards of how they are doing.


Get personalized fitness challenges delivered to your doorstep.

Cinemad is the interactive video advertising leader of Latin America. We provide our clients 6X better results in their online video communication.

Club Veso

On-demand concierge for hair dry services.


Crediyo leverages big data/analytics to lower healthcare costs for patients and improve collections for providers.

E-Farm, LLC

Foodies want to purchase direct sustainable, agro-ecological and organic products and know the farmer. Farmers want to sell direct.


Free personalized service to discover limited-time deals on acclaimed ebooks in Spanish. Receive email alerts on reads matching your taste.

ehumanlife, Inc.

ehumanlife connects international patients with reputable hospitals using video-call, file sharing, and translation services.


Membership program for fitness classes around Latin America.

Gasolina Movil

Easy, fast and secure mobile payments for gas stations.

Connecting you to a Doctor or a Pharmacy within minutes, everywhere.


Inbify uses SMS messaging to help businesses address and analyze customer service needs.


Locurity's innovative solution monitors/prevents cyberattacks exploiting ‘compromised login credentials’-the root cause of 95+% of all breaches.


Send handwritten letters via Salesforce with MailLift. The company that handwrites MILLIONS of word each year for hundreds of businesses.

Memory Palace

Memory Palace just unveiled their first product that can improve memorization time and retention by 1000%.


Beauty and wellness marketplace with online booking.

Eat your coffee

Founded by coffee-deprived college students, Eat Your Coffee is pioneering a new category in caffeine-focused natural foods.

Nineteenth Amendment

On demand fashion marketplace and manufacturing service to launch the brands of tomorrow.


Beat the jet lag, improve your sleep or boost your energy after just 20 minutes!


Pair visually immerses users in the planning of their spaces in real time, with full freedom of movement, using only your iPhone or iPad.


Burea is a free mobile app that gives you cash back on your everyday purchases by just snapping a picture of your receipt. It’s that easy!

Sales Layer

Sales Layer is an intelligent catalog manager that helps companies to curate their product content and synchronize it across retailers, paper catalogs and web & mobile platforms.


SamyRoad is your content-sharing hub to stay in the loop.

School Climate Solutions

An on demand content platform that offers actionable lessons for teachers to deal with school climate issues such as social emotional skills.

Tree to Tub

Who said soap doesn't grow on trees? Replacing harmful chemicals with natural lather of the soapberry.

Space Rhino Games

Space Rhino Games creates cross-platform, premiere strategy mobile games that will change the eSports world.


Stellup is finally bringing alumni networking and fundraising to mobile in a simple, visual and easy to use application that encourages daily use.

Sunne Cleantech Lab

Patent-pending innovative solar water heater designed to spread solar water heating usage around the world!


TalenTank helps companies align their strategy with their people based on their culture.


We’re not a ticketing company…or a ticketing system. TiX.By brings radical innovation to the day-to-day operations of Live Event Ticketing.

UAV-IQ Precision Agriculturey

A full-service data collection, analysis & management firm for agriculture that leverages remote sensing and drone technologies.


75% of cinema seats go unsold. We are here to change that.


Zursh is a business research solution combining AI and human researchers.

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